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The way we work

We take into account each of your needs to design and develop a quality and affordable website.

Here you’ll find detailed information about how we integrate the features you need into your project, as well as information of general knowledge.

Essential Features

Your business may not need anything else than these features: a good design and efficient implementation, the pages and media you need, SEO optimized and the ability to keep your clients or visitors updated.

Design And Development

Web and Graphic design are a key component of a good business brand image and corporate strategy.

Using the best practices in web development, we create web sites that increase customer engagement, conversions and produce for your business noticeable results.

We create attractive interfaces resulting in a user-friendly navigation taking into account the latest trends in web designing industry.

Front- and back-end web development

Front-end includes the parts of the project users interact with (e.g. the graphical user interface). Back-end consists of the parts that do the work (a server, an application, and usually a database), but the user is unaware of or cannot see. By following the best practices in programming, our back-end developers produce efficient code for your web site.

Nowadays, responsive web design has become crucial as the amount of mobile traffic accounts for more than 50% of total Internet traffic.

We create responsive website designs, which allow desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the web browser or the size of the screen of laptop, tablet or mobile devices. As a result, a higher response to the user’s behavior will be noticed, and also accessibility on mobile devices will be ensured.

Pages And Media Elements

The number of pages in a website is, technically, the number of pages having different page styles, i.e. with different design or layout.

The number of media elements is the combined number of images, videos, audio files, or any kind documents your website is containing.

Both the number of pages or media elements increases the design and development times.

Search Optimization Engine (SEO)

Search engines, like Google®, Yahoo®, Bing® or any other, use an automated indexing system which is periodically updating the page rankings according to their algorithms. Well designed websites include the very specific features that those algorithms require.

With us, your website will meet all those requirements and features so as to allow the robots which index websites to obtain the information they need.

CMS (Content Management System)

Your website is not only an attractive cover.

Nowadays, only websites that consist of original, interesting, constantly updated information can be successful.

We create for you a website that is easy to manage and to keep up to date, so that you can focus on your business needs. The Standard CMS includes a role management system which we deliver pre-configured.

 We always deliver the complete source code of your website, even if you chose the Standard CMS option!

Mailing Lists

Let your visitors subscribe to your news and updates. They’ll be able also to manage their subscriptions and decide what kind of information they’re interested to receive. Not spamming your clients is a very good sign of business health.

Advanced CMS

We develop custom CMS based on your business goals and the specific needs of your website. We completely adapt the CMS to your needs, creating users with specific roles and privileges to update your website, and also blocks of code you can reuse to save time.

 We always deliver the complete source code of your website, even if you chose the Standard CMS option!

Multi-language and Translations

Your website might need multi-language when your business belongs at least to one of these scenarios:

  • Your local market speaks several languages. Having a translation to all of them will add value to your business.
  • You sell abroad, or you plan to. Having your website in the client’s native language may be a need.

With the multi-language feature your website will be ready to accept translations to any language, with no limit in number.

Because of our own market, we offer translations – with no extra cost for you – to/from English, Spanish, Russian and Catalan. Those translations are made by real persons, as a result translations are accurate and truthful and contain no typos.

For any other languages, the client will provide all translated texts.

Google Analytics

We set up your website and configure Google Analytics according to your goals and needs.

Tracking your visitors behavior when they land to your website is key to make the proper decisions. Google Analytics® is a free tool which allows to track in detail and segment visits to your website.

Professional Features

Whether you plan to update regularly your website, you need multi-language, or you need to make decisions according to the visitors behavior in your website, you’ll need some of these features.

Advanced Features

If your business is ready to sell on-line, or you offer subscription to your services, or you accept bookings on-line, you’ll need an e-Commerce platform. We’ll set it up and your website will look gorgeous.

Shop On-Line and e-Commerce

Properly thought and correctly designed e-Commerce website is key to your online success, as it will enhance your ROI (conversion ratio).

According to your business needs we will offer you a wide range solutions, reaching new target customers groups and therefore increasing sale opportunities. Among these solutions you’ll find a personalized shopping cart, coupons system, suggested products, and a long etcetera.

Native Mobile App

Having a native mobile App will add value to your business.

An App that your clients or potentials will download from the AppStore (iOS) or GooglePlay (Android). The App will show the same content that your website, and it’ll be able to include extra features.

Don’t miss our unique traits and the way we approach a project

Features Included In All Plans

They are not awesome features because we count on them!

  • Responsive Layout. The user experience will be very similar no matter what device they are using (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Social Media Links. Make easy your visitors to share your website and its contents
  • Contact Form with optional Captcha. Make easy your visitors to contact you.


We provide CMS in all our websites to bring autonomy to our clients: they can maintain and keep up to date their websites by themselves, even when they have no programming skills. This is fruit of our wish of not to force clients to keep tied to us after a project is finished. In case, after all, you prefer not to worry about anything, you can delegate to us the maintenance and updates, and we’ll be glad to provide to you our maintenance plans. Starting at 4 changes per year until 2 changes per month. Contact us for more information.

Domain Name and Hosting

If you need a new domain name, or a hosting to place your website, we will help you to register and set them up.
We can do this at any time during the development process or once your website is ready for release. A few hours after the registration your domain/hosting would be ready to be used. Both the prices of an eventual domain/hosting registration may vary depending on what name and features you choose.

Test Server & Publishing

During the development process you will be able to test your website temporarily hosted in one of our private servers. If you have a webmaster, we will provide the required server configuration. If you don’t have a webmaster we will help you to upload and publish your website with no extra cost for you.

Source Code

We always deliver the complete source code of your website. You won’t be tied to us when in the future you need to change something in your website.

Unique Traits

We won’t let you alone with your new website. If your business doesn’t have a WebMaster or IT Manager, you may need our assistance, which we’ll be glad to bring.

From the Beginning to the End

What steps will we follow from your first contact till your website is on-line?

Step 1 - Front-End

From the starting point1, we’ll start the front-end design that meets your requirements. In about one week2 we’ll send you for approval a mock-up of your entire website.

Step 2 - Back-End

Once the design is approved we’ll move on with the back-end. In about one week2 your website will be ready for testing.

Step 3 - Publishing

Once the test website is approved we’ll set up the website in your server (1-3 days) and you’ll be ready to go!


  1. The starting point is the moment from which the contract has been signed and we have also received all needed materials from you. Those materials include all texts, images, logos, videos, or any other media you want to be included in your website.
  2. For the essential and professional plan the estimated total time since the starting point is 15-20 natural days. For the premium plan the estimated total time is 20-30 natural days.

Let's Get Started!

We’d love to hear about your business and about your idea of renewing or creating your website. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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